Seniors and Juniors - College Board Scholarships

Seniors and Juniors .. Scholarship Opportunities 

The College Board Opportunity Scholarships program is now available for all Juniors.  Since 2018, nearly one million students have joined this program, which provides students with a digital college planning guide and chances to earn $500 for each action they complete.  When students complete all six steps, they earn a chance at a $40,000 scholarship.  Students whose families earn less than $60,000 per year have double the chances to earn scholarships. Find more information at the link above or via this document.  Watch this video with your family to introduce the program.  Once you sign up, you can become eligible right away for $500 scholarships by building a college list and starting practice on Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy. 

Seniors - through February 28, 2021.  You can become eligible for College Board Opportunity Scholarships by joining the program, completing the FAFSA, and applying to two or more colleges.