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Student Parking Information

Student Parking Information

Student parking on the Hillsborough High School campus is only allowed with a school-issued permit. Parking hang-tags will be sold to Seniors on Monday, September 14th and Tuesday , September 15th during lunches.  Juniors and Seniors will be able to buy hang-tags beginning Wednesday, September 16th during lunches.   Supervision of students entering and leaving school is provided on school grounds as well as in the designated student parking lots.


Safety of students is a priority of our school district and of the staff at Hillsborough High School. In an effort to keep students safe as they enter and exit our campus each day, we ask that all drivers and pedestrians use caution. Leave home early so the frustration of a busy traffic pattern does not interfere with a positive start to the morning.

***E-Learning students are eligible to purchase a hang-tag if they are eligible and by contacting their AP.   Parking Permits are non-refundable.



Senior Parking Hang-Tag Sale Dates

  • Monday, 9/14           Seniors-during lunches
  • Tuesday, 9/15           Seniors-during lunches
  • Wednesday, 9/16 Juniors and Seniors- during lunches

All hang-tags will be sold in on a first-come, first-served basis.   There is a $20.00 annual purchase fee for a hang-tag.  Please have the following information ready on the day of the sale:

  1. Parent Signed Registration Form
  2. Valid Driver’s License
  3. Current Vehicle Registration
  4. Valid Insurance Card

** If you are on the debt list, your debt must be paid and cleared before purchasing a hang-tag.

Registration FormRegistration forms can be printed off from this website or picked up in the Student Affairs Office or Vestibule.


Hillsborough High School

Student Parking Procedures 2020-2021

*No Refunds*

Parking on campus is a privilege.  Any student in violation of the following procedures will be subject to disciplinary action.

  1. Parking hang-tags MUST BE ATTACHED to the rearview mirror and visible through the front windshield. HANG-TAGS MUST BE DISPLAYED WHILE PARKED ON CAMPUS.  A FINE OF $25.00 WILL BE IMPOSED IF YOU DO NOT DISPLAY YOUR ISSUED HANG-TAG.
  2. Vehicles may be parked in the Student Parking Lot Only. THERE ARE NO ASSIGNED PARKING SPACES. You may ONLY park in your assigned parking lot.  (See Reverse Side)  The faculty, handicapped, visitor, and bus ramp area / spaces are also OFF LIMITS.  Parking in unauthorized areas or parking inappropriately will result in a fine of $25.00, the loss of parking privileges, and / or disciplinary action.
  3. Parking hang-tags are NOT transferable. Students must NOT loan a hang-tag to another student for any reason.  Students cannot use their assigned hang-tag to display on another student’s vehicle.  Failure to follow this rule may result in a loss of parking privileges and / or other disciplinary action.
  4. STUDENTS WHO SELL, LOAN, GIVE, ALTER OR OTHERWISE MISUSE a Hillsborough High School hang-tag will be disciplined accordingly.
  5. With the exception of arrival and dismissal, the student parking lot is off limits during the school day. Students may only be in the parking lot during the school day with the written consent of an assistant principal.
  6. Congregating in the parking lot is strictly PROHIBITED. Upon arrival to school, students must report directly to the cafeteria, patio area, or assigned classroom and must leave the parking lot immediately after dismissal.  Playing loud music or any other disturbance is not acceptable.
  7. Students should arrive to school on time and vacate the student parking lot by the first bell. Failure to arrive on time or excessive tardiness / sign-ins will be cause for disciplinary action and a loss of driving privileges.
  8. The speed limit on campus is 5 miles per hour. Safe driving must be observed at all times.  Failure to observe the speed limit will result in a loss of parking privileges.

Students violating any parking regulations shall be subject to the following consequences:

  • First Offense – Written warning to be signed by student driver and parent
  • Second Offense – Parking fine of $25.00
  • Third Offense – Suspension of parking privileges on campus for the remainder of the semester and disciplinary action.
  • Fourth Offense – Suspension of parking privileges on campus for the entire school year and disciplinary action.

*The cost to replace a damaged or lost hang-tag is $20.00.

*Student vehicles parked on campus are subject to search.

*There will be NO refunds after the purchase of a Parking Hang Tag.