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Intent Change Request

Please click on your counselor’s name to change your intent from eLearning to Brick-n-Mortar OR Brick-n-mortar to eLearning. 

Please include your student's name, student number and contact phone number with your request.

*There is no guarantee you will keep the same classes or teachers when declaring an intent change. You will be notified by your counselor when the request has been completed.

Guidance Alpha Breakdown:

A – Coro Lisa Krupp (On Leave of Absence)
A - An (Reed for Krupp)
Ap - Bi (Tonelli for Krupp)
Bj - Cam (Gordon for Krupp)
Can - Coro (Rogers for Krupp)

Cortes – Hile Patricia Reed
Hill – Muniz Thomas Tonelli
Munoz – Sh Stacee Gordon
Si – Z Cindy Rogers