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Walker Middle Magnet School Uniform Policy

Walker Middle Magnet School believes that our uniform policy promotes a positive learning environment and contributes to school spirit and safety.  The Student Uniform shall consist of the following:

Tops - Only White, Forest Green and Burgundy collared polo shirts shall be worn. White undershirts may be worn underneath, but they must be tucked in. Hoodies, jackets or sweaters are acceptable over the school uniform shirt but must be in conjunction with the district dress code and not cover up the collar of the uniform top.

Bottoms - Only khaki/beige and black pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, capris, and jumpers may be worn. Hemlines shall be no shorter than fingertip length. There should be no rips/holes. No jeans are allowed on any day other than special designated days. All "bottoms” must include zippers & pockets, be worn fastened at the waistline and be solid color without logos and/or prints of any kind. Short shorts, mini-skirts, yoga-style stretch pants, sweat pants are not acceptable. On designated “jeans days”, student may wear jeans that are standard denim blue or black and without rips/holes or print design.

Shoes - Shoes shall be worn. Skate tennis shoes and bedroom slippers are unacceptable and not allowed.

Friday Dress - Official Walker spirit shirts may be worn on Fridays and for specific field trips. See section on “Bottoms”.

Face Coverings - Anyone on campus will be required to wear a face covering. Face coverings must adhere to the dress code and should not be disruptive to the learning environment.