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RISE Program

Hillsborough County Public Schools - Remediation & Intervention Summer Extension (RISE) Program Registration

Hillsborough County Public Schools RISE Program Registration Form

You are receiving this letter because your child is eligible to attend the upcoming Hillsborough County Remediation & Intervention Summer Extension (RISE) program. The RISE program offers selected students an opportunity to attend 10 full-day Saturday School sessions, and additional after school online instruction activities. This program is being made available to students with demonstrated needs in Reading or who have been retained in 1st - 5th grades.

It is our hope that the skills learned by your child during the these RISE program sessions will create a more prepared and confident young learner, and we strongly encourage your child’s participation in this program. Here are some important details:

Program Timeline:
Dates: Each Saturday, starting September 12th and ending Saturday, November 14th (total of 10 days)
Times: Saturday(s) from 8:00am to 2:00pm
Location: Your child’s assigned school
Other: Breakfast, Lunch, and Transportation will be provided.

**Please note that although encouraged, attendance in all 10 of our Saturday School sessions is not required for your child to participate.

To enroll in the RISE program, please submit this registration form on or before Friday, September 4th, 2020. When your confirmation is received, additional information will be provided to you directly from your child’s school site. If you have any questions regarding this outstanding program, enrollment procedures, or how it will benefit your child, please contact the Main Office of your child's school.

The Hillsborough County Public Schools Team