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    INTRODUCIENDO:  Pasos al Futuro

    Covid-19 Protocols - Parents, please review the Protocols with your students, found in the Student Handbook, and talk about the importance of adhering to the policies.

    Some students are beginning to take liberties with the policies and procedures.  This can not be allowed as we need to maintain a safe, healthy environment for learning for all students. 

    Students have been receiving requests to comply and verbal warnings up to this point, but beginning September 21, they will receive consequences for not meeting the expectations set forth in District protocols, particularly for invading the personal space of other students.  These include

    Parent contact

    Lunch detention

    In-school suspension

    Possible removal from on-site learning to eLearning.

    COMING SOON - Midterm progress reports. Keep up with assignments due in each class. 

    HCPS/Staples Program for Parents & Families - HCPS has partnered with Staples to extend custom program pricing on hundreds of essential items to our Parents & Families in support of in-person and virtual learning needs.  Click HERE for info and links.

    Scheduling Updates - Some student schedules may be adjusted due to class balancing as we meet the Class Size Amendment.  eLearning families, Please keep in mind that it can take up to 48 hours for an eLearner's schedule to populate after being adjusted.  We apologize for the inconvenience and are trying to keep these adjustments to a minimum.

    7th Graders - All 7th Grade students must have the TDAP vaccination by September 21, 2020.  It is required by the State of Florida, whether you are participating in on-site learning or ELearning.

    Attendance - If a student is going to be absent from school, parents are expected to call the Attendance Line, whether student is on-site or Elearning.  This information can be found in the Student Handbook on our website.  Parents must call in their student's absence prior to 10 AM or it will be unexcused.  If a student needs to miss an individual class due to an appointment, we ask that you communicate with the Teacher in advance of the absence.

    Expectations for Student Behavior - Expectations are the same, whether student is in class on-site or in class on eLearning.  Students should be on time, focused and engaged in the class discussion, and complete assignments as requested.  Students may not distrupt or hinder the learning of their classmates during on-site class or Elearning.

    Return to Athletics Plan HCPS has developed plans and procedures for safe participation in School Athletics for student-athletes and spectators.  Click HERE for more information.


    HCPS Hotline Support

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  • Electronic Device Returns or Check Out

    All 8th Grade Students and 6th Grade Students Last Names J - Z

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    All 7th Grade Students and 6th Grade Students Last Names A - I

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