Phone:  (813) 356-1640
    Fax:  (813) 356-1644

    Student Hours: 9:25 AM to 4:20 PM

    Uniforms: Mandatory Uniforms

    Before School Program: Yes
    After School Program: Yes

School History

  • J. Crockett Farnell Middle School was opened in August 2002. Mr. Farnell was an innovative superintendent, a loyal administrator, an outstanding coach, and teacher. He was the last elected superintendent of Hillsborough County, serving in this position for seventeen years. He is also remembered for his solid reputation as Head Coach for football at Hillsborough High School. His many accomplishments included adding guidance and psychological services to schools, providing services for trainable mentally handicapped students, and implementing summer enrichment programs. Among his many awards is the Membership Award for outstanding contributions, and he was inducted into the Florida Athletic Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 1985. Mr. Farnell’s main objective as an educational leader was to provide the best education possible for the young people of Hillsborough County. His philosophy was, “If it is good for children, do it.”

    We salute J. Crockett Farnell’s lifelong dedication to education, and we regard him as a leader in education. We shall do everything possible to keep his spirit alive as we help the young people of Farnell Middle School soar like falcons.