photo of MArshall Middle Magnet School

Mission and Vision

  • Mission Statement

    Marshall Middle Magnet is empowering students to become global thinkers, lifelong learners, and effective communicators who embrace diversity.


    Vision Statement

    Marshall Middle Magnet is preparing all students to be active, reflective, critical thinkers ready to shape their environments.

School History

  • Marshall Middle Magnet logo In 1920, Mr. E.J. Marshall persuaded Plant City to deed property to the school board for a facility to educate black children. Midway Academy was a three-story, red brick structure initially serving grades 1 - 8. Beginning in 1936, one grade level was added each year until all 12 grades were taught. The upper levels were referred to as Plant City Negro Junior High and High School, although most in the black community referred to all levels as Midway Academy. In 1951, the school was converted to a high school, for Edward Jackson (E.J.) Marshall, who was also the first African American to serve as a school trustee in the Plant City area. Marshall Junior High School was built on Maryland Avenue in 1957. In 1995 Marshall became a middle school. The school mascot is the Dragons. We proudly submitted our candidacy application to the International Baccalaureate in October of 2019. Marshall Magnet is a part of Hillsborough County Public Schools in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Hillsborough County Public Schools is the 8th largest school district in the United States.

    Marshall is known as a National AVID School of Distinct along with Future Farmers of America State of Florida Premier Chapter. Students will have the opportunity to earn numerous certifications for high school credit classes. Our Culinary Arts program is one of only 4 middle schools in Hillsborough to pilot the ServSafe food handler certification beginning with the 2020-21 school year. Marshall has staff members with diverse experiences and awards, including National Board Certified, Ashbrook Center Fellowship Recipient, and NOYCE Master Teacher Fellow.