smiling elementary age children in classroom

High-Quality, Engaging Mathematics

  • The elementary mathematics department works with students, teachers, parents and other community members to ensure that all of our students receive an exemplary math education. This office provides a variety of services to its stakeholders including: training of administrators and teachers, development of instructional and assessment resources, on site student and teacher support and the facilitation of parent and community sessions.

    The elementary mathematics department supports the implementation of 2014 Mathematics Florida Standards. These standards allow our students to spend more time building a true understanding of mathematical concepts, learning the skills and gaining the computational fluency necessary to apply this knowledge in problem solving contexts. The resources and training developed by the elementary math department align directly with these standards.

    The vision of the Elementary Mathematics Department, in our efforts to prepare our students to be ready for college and the workforce, is for all students to be provided a high-quality, engaging mathematics instruction with connections to real-world application of mathematical concepts.