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Secondary Physical Education

  • Physical Education is an essential component of the total educational experience for all high school age students. Students are required to take the Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE) course as the physical education requirement for graduation. The grades 9-12 physical education experience is designed to assist students in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy livelong decisions and to provide them an opportunity to further develop movement potentials through the selection of content specific elective courses.

    • Grades 9-12 Physical Education Curricula and assessments are standards based and course specific. Content knowledge assessments are administered to students enrolled all physical education. Physical fitness assessments are administered to students enrolled in HOPE course. Formative movement competencies and content assessments may also be administered throughout the school year as necessary for the purpose of curriculum focus, lesson plan development and to assist students in developing higher levels of physical and intellectual engagement. Content is taught through one, two and/or three week instructional units for each content topic. The duration of instructional units varies for each content topic based on individual student needs.

    Physical Education Graduation Requirement

    Florida law (F.S.1003.4282) requires students to take one (1) credit in physical education to include the integration of health (Health Opportunities through Physical Education(HOPE) course) as a high school graduation requirement. Effective July 1, 2017, students participating in two complete seasons of an interscholastic sport at the junior varsity and/or varsity level have the option to waive this HOPE course requirement. A complete season (in a sport) is defined as attendance and participation in both the practices and competitive events from the allowable first day of practice to the elimination of a team from FHSAA tournament competition.

    Health Opportunities through Physical Education- HOPE Course (3026010) The purpose of the HOPE course is to develop and enhance healthy behaviors that influence lifestyle choices and student health and physical fitness. In addition to physical education content, students opting to waive this course will not receive instruction on the following Comprehensive Health Education topics pertaining to but not limited to:

    • social, emotional, and mental health;
    • health and skill related components of physical fitness;
    • healthy vs unhealthy choices and decisions;
    • sexual reproduction and sexual health education;
    • nutrition and wellness planning;
    • disease and disorder awareness and prevention;
    • consumer awareness and health advocacy;
    • first aid, CPR, and AED Training;
    • alcohol, tobacco and drug prevention and abuse;
    • teen human trafficking awareness and prevention;
    • teen date violence awareness and prevention;
    • communication and refusal skills;
    • goal setting and conflict resolution;
    • injury prevention;
    • stress management;
    • internet safety; and
    • water safety.

    Although students that opt out of the HOPE course will not receive instruction in Comprehensive Health Education, they are strongly encouraged to enroll in other physical education elective courses

    High School Physical Education Waiver