Dedicated to Helping Adolescents

Middle School students image
  • Hillsborough County Public School’s middle school instructional staff, administrators, and district staff are committed to working with students and families towards our mission of providing an education that enables each student to excel as a successful and responsible citizen. Together, we can supply the knowledge, tools, nurturing, and support your child needs to excel in middle school and beyond.

    We believe every middle school should have:

    • Educators committed to young adolescents
    • High Expectations for all
    • A shared vision
    • Family and community partnerships
    • A positive and safe school climate

    Our middle schools are dedicated to helping adolescents:

    • Promote intellectual development
    • Develop a base of factual knowledge and skills
    • Think creatively
    • Identify and solve meaningful problems
    • Communicate well with others
    • Develop the capacity to lead healthy lives physically and mentally
    • Become caring, compassionate, and productive individuals