Community Spotlight

  • Literacy Acculturation Center (LAC)
    The LAC is a division of the ELL Programs Office located in the heart of Town and Country. Originally established to provide resources and services to refugee students and their families, it has become the heart of the ELL parent involvement. LAC personnel serve as liaisons with community-based and faith-based organizations in Hillsborough County. Furthermore, these individuals serve as representatives of ELL students and families on community task forces and district consortiums, while providing on-going support to individual school sites in planning and implementing parental involvement activities.

    Literacy Nights at Barnes and Noble
    Literacy Night events are conducted quarterly at Barnes and Noble locations across the district. Each quarter ELL dsitrict personnel host informational sessions for parents and students in order to make reading fun amd promote family literacy. At the end of each night, ELLs from HCPS receive a book for their personal libraries.

    World Refugee Day
    "World Refugee Day was established by the United Nations to honor the courage, strength and determination of women, men and children who are forced to flee their homes under threat of persecution, conflict and violence."

    Through its representation on the Tampa Bay Area Refugee Task Force, ELL Programs has supported and sponsored local World Refugee Day festivties.

    Programs for English Language Learners photo collage