Secondary Comprehensive Health

  • The Florida Department of Education defines the program implemented in Hillsborough County Public Schools as Comprehensive Health Education. Comprehensive Health Education programs are based on and are in alignment with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS) for Health Education, Physical Education and Science Education.

    Comprehensive Health Education programs provide medically accurate strategies and management skills pertaining to social, emotional, and physical development which are designed to assist students in navigating today’s world of peer pressure, temptations, and growing risks. Topics include age appropriate information about the following: body image; hygiene; interpersonal relationships; decision-making; refusal skills; intimacy; reproductive health and development; pregnancy and disease control; abstinence; community, consumer and environmental health; family life injury prevention and safety; Internet safety; nutrition; personal health; substance use and abuse; teen date violence; and human trafficking.

    Comprehensive Health Education programs advocate abstinence as the best option for students whether or not they have been sexually active in the past. These programs also advocate that students choose abstinence until they are emotionally and physically mature enough to make well informed decisions concerning pregnancy and disease prevention.

    Grades 9-12 Comprehensive Health Education is taught during Unit Four of the Health Opportunities Through Physical Education (HOPE) course. To include the following topics:

    • Relationships
    • Teen Dating Violence
    • Human Trafficking – What Healthy relationships Look Like, Three Types of Violence, Risk Factors and Signs
    • Refusal Skills
    • Sexual Reproduction – Male and Female Reproductive Systems(Structure, Function, Organs, Ovulation, Puberty, Menstruation, Endocrine System, Testosterone, and Progesterone
    • Facts and Statistics
    • Communicable Diseases - Pathogens, Transmission, Prevention, Immune system, Respiratory Infections, Hepatitis, and Emerging Infections
    • STD’s - Common STI’s, Prevention and Transmission
    • HIV and AIDS - Prevention, Transmission, Testing, What is AIDS? Symptoms, Research and Treatment