Expectations for Student Participation in Physical Education

  • The following information addresses the District expectation for student participation in Physical Education lesson.

    There are various circumstances that may prompt non-participation in physical education classes, some of which include:

    • Injuries
    • Students with physical disabilities
    • Occasional Non-participation
    • Chronic Non-Participation
    • Game Day Athletes

    Dressing out should not stop students from engaging in any lesson. The expectation is that non-dressers are to physically participate if it does not pose a safety issue. In the event that physical participation is not possible a plan must be in place for those students to be actively involved in the cognitive portion of the lesson.

    In accordance with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) which is now known as the Society for Health and Physical Education (SHAPE); the Appropriate Instructional Practices Guidelines document, it is never acceptable for students to have the choice to opt-out of a lesson. Activities such as; walking the track, sitting in the bleachers, jumping rope, shooting baskets, throwing footballs and playing kick ball should not be an option or substitute for being physically or cognitively engaged in the current lesson. For example:

    • A student that has improper footwear or a minor injury that restricts them from physically participating in a lesson should listen as the teacher introduces the cues; complete a cues worksheet, carefully observe their classmates and then give feedback on their use of the cues.
    • A game day athlete in a weight training lesson can be given the assignment to properly spot and teach others spotting techniques, provide corrective feedback, and positively encourage others.
    • A student with physical disabilities should have all lessons modified to meet their individual needs so they have an equal opportunity to participate in every lesson.