Verification of Birth

  • If you are ordering your records for BIRTH CERTIFICATE REASONS such as having corrections made and etc., please read the following information. The items listed below will be some of the information you will need to fill out the online form.

    Anyone who initially enrolled in school prior to 1991 will have records on film. In order to locate your records we will need accurate information about your enrollment while attending Hillsborough County Public Schools. Please have the information ready before proceeding to order online.

    Q. Will I receive a copy of my birth certificate?

    A. No, we do not have copies or birth certificates.

    Q. What records will I receive when asking for verification of birth?

    A. A transcript which has demo graphics at the top which include, city and state you were born in, head of house hold, date of birth and also you will get an enrollment history showing your most current to the earliest years in school.

    Q. Will I need other names I may have had while I attended?

    A. Yes, If there is any other name you may have been using while in school we ask that you note this information in the comment section at the bottom of the online form. This information is how we locate your records and very important.

    Q. Will I need my date of birth?

    A. Yes, and if there is a possibility your date of birth could have been incorrect on your records, please let us know in the comment section at the bottom of the form.

    Q. Will I need to list all the schools I attended?

    A. Yes, due to the way records were recorded prior to 1991, we need to know each school you attended in chronological order. We research starting with your high school and work backwards to your middle and elementary schools.

    Q. Will I need the years I attended those school?

    A. Yes, to the best of your knowledge we need the years you attended the schools and any other information is helpful. This is very important due to your records being on film and they could possibly be on separate rolls of film.

    Q. Will I need my parent names?

    A. Yes, this could also help determine if the person we find is you. These names could also be any other person or guardians you might have lived with at the time you attended school.

    Q. Will I need addresses to help locate my records?

    A. Yes, at times the addresses you lived at can help us determine if the records we locate are yours. If you don’t know any of the addresses it’s perfectly fine to skip this part.

    Q. Will I need a notary to notarize my signature?

    A. Only if you are requesting your records to be mailed to anywhere other than a college or university. If this is the case, please fill out the notary form.

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