Immunization Records

  • 2020 Graduates or 2020 withdrawn students’ immunization records will be at the school until June of 2021 when it will get sent to our office.

    • Due to an outbreak of measles in the major colleges in Florida, the School District of Hillsborough County initiated permanently recording all immunization records beginning with the 80/81 school year. This was possible only if the documents were located in the students cumulative folder and sent to the Student Records Office.
    • Any graduate or withdrawn student prior to 1981 will not have immunization records with the school district.
    • If you graduated or withdrew from high school within the time frame listed in the first paragraph and your immunization records were sent to our office, your immunization records would be among those that were permanently recorded or waiting to be recorded depending on the year you last attended.
    • Availability is based entirely on our office receiving the records.
    • Immunization records are not sent electronically.