• If you are in need of your school records for immigration purposes, please read the following information before ordering your records. Our office will only have records if you withdrew or graduated from a daytime public high school, more than one year ago.

    You have the choice of picking up your records or having them mailed out. If you are picking up your records in our office you will need to provide an unexpired official picture ID such as state ID, driver's license, passport, government ID or something comparable. If you are not in our office and ordering to be mailed out you will need a notary form.

    The following items are needed from Hillsborough County Public Schools for immigration purposes. Please request to have your documents sealed in an envelope prior to leaving the office.

    • Transcripts - which will include enrollment history and screen prints of each grade you attended and the school name.
    • immunization records

    On the form it will ask you for a social security number or a state ID. If you do not have one, please put zeros.

    The screen print below is an example of what to choose on our order form. The items needed are highlighted with the RED arrows.

    Please note:
    If you are asking us to mail your records to any address other than a college or university you will need to send us a notarized statement and signature. Click here for the notary form.

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