Attorney Information

  • Important Note: Charges are made through a company called Scribsoft. Be prepared to pay $16.00 per item plus a $4.00 processing fee using a credit card.

    Q. How do I order a students records?
     By clicking on this website address

    Q. Do you accept subpoenas on the on-line order form?
     No, at this time we are not accepting subpoenas.

    Q. If the student is currently enrolled in school would I contact the school for records?
     Yes, the records follow the student through school until they graduate, Our office takes possesion of the records a year after they leave high school.

    Q. Will I need to send a release form if I am just requesting records?
     Yes, after you order the records on our website you can upload any needed documents there and a release form is one of those documents.

    Q. What documents can I upload on the order tracker?
     Request forms, signed releases, current addresses and any other document that our office would need.