• To Parents and Students:

    You may also download the referral packet and work with your neighborhood school to complete and fax it to the Hospital Homebound Office.

    The parent must continue to coordinate with the school to pick up student work to keep student current with his/her classes until student is found eligible for the Hospital Homebound Program.

    To Hillsborough School Personnel:

    If you have a student needing hospital homebound services, please fill out the referral packet. There is a section for the school to fill in as well as authorization sections the parent needs to sign. As soon as we receive the school referral, we fax documentation to the attending physician which is used to determine eligibility for the program.

    • Do not withdraw the student from school until you receive notification from us to do so.
    • Please continue to provide work to the student until they have been staffed and enrolled in the Hospital Homebound Program.
    • Grades must be issued by your school through the official withdrawal date.