Experience Credit Questions and Answers

  • Q: I am new teacher to Hillsborough County, how can I receive salary credit for my previous work experience?

    • An employee may complete an experience verification form upon the offer and acceptance of an instructional position in Hillsborough County.
      • Forms are located online at the district website and in the employee processing packet.
      • Forms shall be carefully completed by the employee and submitted to previous district/Human Resource division.
      • Forms are to be returned to the Hillsborough County Human Resources Department Representative.

    Q: If I my experience credit is not submitted in a timely manner to the district, will I receive pay retroactive to my start date?

    • An employee will have 90 calendar days from the date of employment with Hillsborough County Schools to submit to Human Resources experience.
    • Retroactive pay will be given for verified experience credit.
      • To receive a retroactive payment, experience must be received and verified within 90 calendar days of employment.
    • Experience received and verified after 90 calendar days of employment will have pay adjusted to date of verified experience.
    • Human Resources will review all experience credit and salary determination.
    • Credit will only be given for experience considered “full time” and “satisfactory” based upon performance evaluation.

    Q: I am a culinary arts teacher and I have received work experience credit in lieu of teaching experience. If I transfer to another subject or leaving the current teaching assignment will I continue to receive the work experience credit?

    • Experience work credit is only valid in the following areas: SLH, Culinary Arts, Fie….
    • Up to 7 years may be granted upon receiving and validating work experience form.
    • Work experience may only be granted when the teacher is in an assignment of direct instruction in the specific areas designated to receive work experience.
    • If the teacher changes assignment or does not directly instruct students the work experience granted will be rescinded.