Scholar Quest

  • Get a jump-start on high school and life with Scholar Quest! These courses challenge middle school students with advanced academics and award high school credit for students who meet the classes’ rigorous requirements.

    Scholar Quest options are available only at middle schools and K–8 schools operated by Hillsborough County Public Schools. See the list to find a school near you that offers Scholar Quest high school credit courses.

    Why Scholar Quest?
    Scholar Quest engages Grade 6, 7 and 8 students in accelerated courses, featuring advanced academics and unique college- and career-connected learning opportunities. These classes award high school credits when students successfully complete the course.

    Entering 9th Grade with high school credits already complete:

    • Enables students to take more college-level Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement courses while in high school
    • Strengthens the applications of students looking to enter competitive high-demand high school, college and career prep programs
    • Gives students a tremendous academic head start and keeps students challenged and engaged in school

    Which Scholar Quest courses are available?
    The Scholar Quest high school credit courses offered at each school are different, based on student interest and instructor availability. When you contact a school, ask them for a list of the high school credit courses they offer.

    Some examples of Scholar Quest courses available at one or more Hillsborough County Public Schools campuses include: Algebra Honors, Geometry Honors, Spanish Honors, Physical Science Honors, Computer Science, Culinary Arts, Journalism, Chorus, Environmental Science, Criminal Justice, Digital Design, Aerospace Technology, Model & Simulation Design, Theatre, Agriculture Biotechnology, 3-D Studio Art, French and many more.

    How do I sign up for a Scholar Quest course?
    Current middle school and K–8 school students who meet the academic and preparation requirements can register for a high school credit course when they sign up for classes each semester.

    For incoming 6th Grade students, ask a school for its list of high school credit courses and discuss your interest in advanced classes with the school’s staff. Because of the rigorous nature of the courses, many Scholar Quest courses are available only to students in 7th or 8th Grade—but please note that taking an Advanced Math track or another accelerated option as a younger student may be a requirement for students to take high school credit courses when they are older.

    How does the Alliance for Public Schools support schools through Scholar Quest?
    Scholar Quest is a certification program maintained by Alliance for Public Schools to showcase traditional public middle and K–8 schools that offer advanced academic options with college- and career-connected learning for students.

    To be eligible to use the name and imagery associated with Scholar Quest, a school must:

    • Be operated by Hillsborough County Public Schools directly or through a partnership with an organization designated as an “external operator” by the State of Florida
    • Offer courses to students in the middle grades (Grade 6–8) that award high school credit to some or all of the courses’ participants
    • Receive express written permission from Alliance for Public Schools

    The Scholar Quest name and logo designs are the trademarked property of Alliance for Public Schools and can be used only by schools that meet the certification requirements above and receive express written permission from Alliance for Public Schools.