Vendors/Bidders Resources

  • Bid Schedule
    A listing of the District's current contracts including agreements resulting from competitive solicitations, piggybacks, direct negotiations, and sole source agreements. The report is sorted by "review date", a date set a few months in advance of the contract's expiration date, when the agreement will be reviewed to determine if it will be renewed, rebid, etc.

    Current Bids
    To search through active, publicly-posted bids and solicitations, choose "Hillsborough County Public Schools" for the agency, and "Active" for the status.

    Current and Upcoming Procurement Contracts

    Authorization to Perform Work
    All vendors/providers must receive an HCPS purchase order prior to the provision of any product or service. Shipments and/or services shall be as specified on the purchase order, conforming to the specifications and general instructions. Some orders may be placed with District P-Cards, if allowable per District Procurement guidelines.

    VendorLink Registration and Solicitation System

    VendorLink is the District's online vendor registration and solicitation system. Vendors are required to register through this system to receive email notification as solicitations are posted.

    VendorLink Login
    To log in to VendorLink

    VendorLink Registration
    To register with VendorLink

    VendorLink Manual
    This manual is designed to provide Vendors with a tool to utilize the VendorLink web application effectively and efficiently.

    HCPS Registration Brochure
    How to conduct business with the district.

    Questions? Please contact:
    Tammy Adams, Vendor Manager
    Phone: (813) 272-4392