Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are the District's Purchasing Thresholds located?
    IDEAS/Business News/Procurement Guidelines and Forms/Procurement Thresholds or click here.

    How do I locate items currently on bid?
    Items on bid are located in the Lawson Shopping Cart and you may also find ordering brochures for the most commonly ordered bid items in IDEAS/Business News/Procurement/Ordering Brochures.

    How can I find a local certified small business?
    Click here for a searchable directory of firms/vendors who are registered with Hillsborough County Public Schools' Office of Supplier Diversity.

    Where is the District tax ID number located?
    The District's tax ID number is:  59-6000660 and can be located in IDEAS/Business News/Procurement/Procurement Guidelines and Forms.

    What if there is an emergency and I don't have time to allow for the regular processing time for the requisition/purchase order process?
    In the event of an emergency when waiting for a purchase order would present a hardship, you may contact the Procurement Department and request an emergency purchase order number which can be provided to the vendor authoring them to ship or provide services.

    If I need to make a change on a purchase order what do I do?
    Contact the vendor to check the status of the order and advise them of any changes to your original order.  Enter a purchase order adjustment indicating the change and be sure to copy your site approver on the request.  Procurement will make the necessary changes and the revised purchase order will be sent tot he vendor.  Note: If the change requires additional funds, you will need to transfer budget before the purchase order can be processed.

    If I receive an invoice for my entire order directly from the vendor, what should I do with it?
    Keep it for your records.  The vendor will send a copy of the invoice to Accounts Payable.

    How do I cancel a purchase order?
    Cancel the purchase order lines using the Lawson PO Receiving Screen (P030.1) located in the Lawson bookmark:  Finance/Purchase Order/Receiving Adjustment.  Note: Be sure to contact the vendor and advise them of any changes to your original order.

    Goods or services were received without prior authorization through requisition process flow.  Should I enter a requisition now?
    No, you will need to complete an NPO (payment without a purchase order) to request payment for goods and services not authorized.  NPO payments must be approved by the General Manager of Procurement.  The NPO form and instructions are located in Business News/Accounts Payable/Invoices-NPO.  Exceptions to the NPO procedure are noted on the NPO payment request process document should be submitted to Accounts Payable via an approved spreadsheet or the check requisition form.