Boundary Change Frequently Asked Questions

  • How was this proposal generated?
    District staff reviews current student enrollment, future projected enrollment (new residential developments) and school capacities to generate scenarios. These scenarios look ahead proactively into the future to make sure coming growth is managed, preventing overcrowding at schools. Then, the scenarios are reviewed by our district’s internal stakeholder group consisting of various district departments including Transportation, Growth Management, Choice, Human Resources, area superintendents and principals affected by the scenarios. Once the group decides on a specific scenario, our district presents that proposal to the public and gathers input.

    Is this proposal final?
    This is a proposal, and no attendance boundary changes are final until School Board approval. Our district will collect input at parent outreach meetings and through comments submitted online. The proposal may then be revised based on the input. Then, a final plan will be posted for additional comment. In this case, the final plan is tentatively scheduled for February or March 2020.

    Will current students be required to attend the newly assigned school?
    Current 5th and 6th graders will attend the new school in Fall 2020, as they enter 6th and 7th grades, respectively. Current 7th graders, who will be incoming 8th graders in Fall 2020, will be able to choose to remain for their last year at their current school without transportation (because as boundaries change, our bus networks must also change) or attend their new school with transportation.

    Will transportation be provided if my student is reassigned?
    It depends on the location of your student’s home. If your address is within two miles of the school and the walking route is deemed non-hazardous, transportation will not be provided. Otherwise, transportation is offered to assigned students.

    Will ESE services be provided?
    General ESE services are provided at every school. However, if your student has specialized needs, please contact the Exceptional Student Education Department at (813) 273-7025.

    Will HOST be provided?
    Nearly all our schools offer HOST (Hillsborough Out-of-School Time) or similar services. What is offered at each school does vary. Please review the specific information on the school’s website.

    Are there other Choice options? What is the Choice process?
    Yes, please visit the Choice website for more information at

    Why can’t our district build an addition to ease overcrowding?
    State law requires our district to be good stewards of funding from impact fees and local taxes. Therefore, we must use available capacity at other schools rather than expend our limited resources on new capacity. If we do not use existing available capacity, our district can be sanctioned by the state.

    Will current Choice students be allowed to stay?

    Will current electives carry over to the new school?
    Electives and programs are organized on a school-by-school basis, so please confirm offerings with the principal of your newly assigned school.