School Locator Conversion and Attendance Boundary Realignment

  • For over a decade, the School District has been processing student addresses using locations along a street network instead of address points located within specific building footprints and parcels. Locating student addresses using a street network is an antiquated way of identifying where a student resides, which can produce inaccurate school assignment results in the online school locator.

    Staff has been working for over a year to complete this conversion process. The most time-consuming part of the process is having to identify and notify students who may be “reassigned” (receive a different result in the locator) when the District converts from street network addresses to address points. This is a necessary change required for the new locator to be supported, however, we want to be transparent with students and families as to why their assignment within the locator may change.

    The example below shows students who will have their school assignment change when switching from street network to address point. Currently, the students in the graphic are assigned to Ballast Point Elementary using street network addresses. However, the students would be reassigned to Chiaramonte Elementary when converting to parcel address points.

    realignment map

    An additional issue that further complicates the process are general attendance boundary realignments. Per School Board Policy 5120, “The Superintendent is authorized to administratively adjust school attendance boundaries and supply a report of changes to the School Board when an existing attendance boundary line is clearly misaligned with a natural or manmade feature such as road, river, lake, or parcel line.” Staff has realigned specific attendance boundary lines to match land parcel lines or other natural feature using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping tool per School Board Policy 5120.

    Performing boundary realignments in addition to converting to address points for student assignment will allow the District to confront two problems at once. Staff realigned the boundaries, so a portion of the families whose address point assignment changed due to the conversion will no longer receive a different assignment result in the school locator. Therefore, from the outside user’s view, no change has occurred in the attendance boundary assignment. However, this adds analyses, since staff is required to delineate why the student’s address is changing (address issue versus boundary change). The links below provide access to maps of the school attendance boundaries that have had parts of their boundaries realigned to accommodate the conversion from street network geocoding to address point geocoding.

    Elementary School Attendance Boundary Realignment Maps

    Middle School Attendance Boundary Realignment Maps