About Ordering Student Records Online

  • 2019 - 2020 school records are still located at your high school until June of 2021, but you may order online via this website.

    Please read the instructions BEFORE ordering. This will alleviate your order from being held up.

    You must have an unexpired official picture ID in order to pick up records.

    Important Note: Charges are made through a company called Scribsoft. Be prepared to pay $11.00 per item plus a $4.00 processing fee using a credit card.

    Did you withdrawal from daytime high school to attend adult education and received a GED or Adult School diploma? If so, click on one of the following two options.

    GED Diploma - Withdrew from daytime high school and took the GED test to acquire a State of Florida High School Diploma.
    Adult High School Diploma – Withdrew from the daytime high school to attend adult school and received an Adult High School Diploma.

    If you did not graduate from Adult Education please continue reading this page.

    Q. If I'm ordering for an attorney is the information on this particular page for me?
    A. No - more information >>

    Q. What types of records are available?
    A. Choose from one or more of the following records:

    • Transcripts – Includes your grades, total credits, class rank and standing, GPA, graduation and withdrawal date. Note: GPA’s were not required on records prior to the graduation year of 1987.
    • Immunization records – After the year of 1981 “if” your immunization records were sent to our office, they were permanently recorded. Anyone prior to 1981 will not have immunization records.
    • Graduation letter – Is a simple form letter stating your name, DOB, name of high school, years of attendance at the graduating high school and the date of graduation.
    • Diplomas - Call the high school Registrar.
    • All Records - List all names of school attended in Hillsborough County and years you attended those schools. This excludes all adult schools.
    • Erwin and Brewster vocational records - We have day school only through 1989. This information is on film and you will need to include your name at the time you attended, classes taken, teachers (if you know them) and the date you received your certificate or diploma. Please list this information on the right side of your form in the empty space.

    Q. Can I order and pay for my records online?
    A. Yes, you can order and pay for student records online by clicking on the green order button at the bottom of this page, but please read the rest of the instructions before doing so. You may order to have mailed out or choose the pick up option.

    Q. Can I pay with a money order?
    A. Yes, however we prefer payment via credit card, but you can pay with a money order (no checks) by filling out the online order form and choosing money order payment at the bottom left hand corner of the application. You will then need to either mail or bring in your money order to Student Records, 2010 E. Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, FL 33610. Your order will not be processed until your payment is received.

    Q. Can my records be sent electronically to my college?
    A. Yes, More Info >>

    Q. Can I have my records e-mailed or faxed out?
    A. No, due to FERPA law we are unable to fax or email your records.

    Q. Will I be notified when my records are ready to pick up or being mailed out?
    A. Yes, you will be notified by Scribonline. You will be notified by text (if you choose to) and e-mail. Check your spam mail as well in case the e-mail is placed there.

    Q. Can my records be mailed to my home?
    A. Yes, but you will need to pass the Scrib verification process before we will mail to your home address. You will be directed there during the ordering process. Please note....if the verification process is not validated you will be asked to use our notary release form on sidebar of the home page. Also, please remember that by law we are allowed to mail to any college or university without having any identification what so ever.

    Q. Will you need my social security number?
    A. It will help to locate your records much faster if your SS# is included. You may place your SS# in the comment section towards the bottom of the form. This is a secured site and you will be able to trust your SS# will not be compromised.

    Q. What will it cost?
    Important Note: Charges are made through a company called Scribsoft. Be prepared to pay $11.00 by credit card or debit card plus a $4.00 processing fee using a credit card.

    This is a breakdown of the cost:

    • Transcripts are one set at $11.00 each
    • Immunization records are one set at $11.00 each.
    • Graduation letters are $11.00 each.
    • Preferred payment is by credit card, but you can order and pay with a money order as well. Payment is made prior to us processing your order.
    • Important Note:  Charges are made through a company called Scribsoft. Look for this on your credit card statement.
    • You may order multiple items and have them shipped to multiple places on one order and there will only be charge one $4.00 processing fee.

    Q. How long does it take?
    A . Picking up records- allow up to 5 business days.
    Mail out records - up to 7 to 10 business days. In our busy season it could take longer to order records so please check your emails for Scribonline often to find out if it's processed and when it will be mailed.

    Q. Will I need to show Identification when I come in to pick up records?
    A. Yes, an "unexpired" OFFICIAL picture ID such as a driver’s license, state ID, military ID or passport will be accepted at the time of pick up. Also, if you have had a name change please bring official proof.

    Q. If I am unable to pick my records up after receiving my e-mail how long will you hold them?
    A.Records are held for 30 days after your assigned pick up date. Your request and the copies of your records are then destroyed and your payment will not be refunded.

    Q. Can someone else pick up my records for me?
    A. Yes, you will need to upload a copy of your unexpired official picture ID with a message of who to release your records too along with your signature as well to the confirmation email. Listing more than one person to pick up is fine. You may also fill out the notary form located on the sidebar under forms, place the name of the person pickup and have your signature notarized. This page this needs to be uploaded as well before we release your records to that person. The person picking up will need to show an official (unexpired) picture ID.

    Q. If I need my records for birth certificate reasons is there any other information you need from me to locate my records?
    A. Yes, we need the names of all the public schools attended in Hillsborough County, the years you attended and left each school, any other names you could have been listed under while in school, parent’s names, another DOB that could be on your records, addresses you may have lived at and any other information that might help us locate you.

    Q. Is there free parking?
    A. Yes, you may park in the front of our building in the visitors parking spaces only.

    If you have any questions, please call our office at 813-605-8908. Our fax number can be found on the notary release form.