How do I know what type records I need?

  • Transcripts vs. Diplomas

    Although these terms are often used interchangeably, they are different.

    Transcripts are official reports supplied by a school for an individual student. Transcripts are records of the subjects taken, grades received, grade point average, date of graduation, school(s) attended, date of birth, name, whether or not benchmarks have been met.

    Diplomas are the documents that certify an individual has completed all requirements necessary to graduate from an educational institution. Diplomas include the student’s name, name of school, date of graduation, and a seal with official signatures. Diplomas earned by taking the GED test do not have GED on the diploma. They are “State of Florida High School Diplomas”.

    Daytime High School Diploma

    A high school diploma is awarded to a student who completes 12th grade and who has met all requirements at a regular daytime high school before the next school year begins. Students may go to an adult school for credit recovery during the school year and during the summer of their 12th grade year before the next school year begins and still receive a regular high school diploma.
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    Daytime High School Certificate of Completion

    Certificate of completion is awarded to students who have completed the minimum number of credits and all other requirements prescribed by the local school board, but failed to earn passing scores on the state approved graduation test or an alternate assessment to achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.
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    Adult High School Diploma

    An adult high school diploma is awarded to a student who completes all requirements at an adult high school. These are usually students who did not complete all required credits while in high school and later enrolled in an adult school or adult online program to complete the credits. More Info >>

    GED Diploma

    This is actually a State of Florida High School Diploma. This diploma is earned by taking and passing all sections of the GED test regardless of where a student attended classes. Students who attended a Career Center may have passed the GED test and completed all additional requirements to earn a standard diploma.

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    This would include any student who withdrew from regular daytime school (kindergarten through 12th grade) to attend Adult Education and received a high school diploma or GED. To order a GED go to