Overview / Documents

  • In 2005, the Florida Legislature passed legislation that requires adequate school facilities to be in place within three (3) years of construction of new homes. This concept, called “concurrency”, is a system, which requires that new public facilities and services be in place to accommodate new growth. More information on concurrency can be found within the glossary of terms provided for on this website. Concurrency has been in place in Hillsborough County since 1990 for roads, parks, sewer, water, storm water and solid waste facilities. Schools are now part of that program.

    As of June 5, 2008, all four (4) local governments in Hillsborough County have adopted the components to establish a school concurrency program.

    The effective date of these programs are as follows:

    • Unincorporated Hillsborough County - July 10, 2008
    • City of Plant City - August 8, 2008
    • City of Temple Terrace - August 20, 2008
    • City of Tampa - September 4, 2008

    In 2016, each jurisdiction revised their Interlocal Agreements to modify meeting requirements for the COG (Council of Governments) and introduce an annual report outlining the effectiveness of the School Concurrency System.

    School concurrency is not determined until a project reaches the point of a preliminary plat (or equivalent) for single-family residential uses or preliminary site plan (or equivalent) for multi-family residential uses. In the case of Rezoning and/or Comprehensive Plan Amendment applications, information related to existing and future school capacity will be provided by the School District. However, this review is an analysis for adequate facilities only and is NOT a determination of school concurrency.