Eagle Feather

  • Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) has approved the wearing of an eagle feather for Native American and Alaskan Native seniors during their graduation ceremonies, which is a new and important ceremonial honor. Wearing the eagle feather symbolizes many things, among which are leadership, spiritual belief, and academic achievement. The students will place the feather with their tassel on their graduation caps. Graduation from high school should be a significant occasion for a student and their family.

    HCPS believes this distinction will allow students to honor their heritage and recognize their cultural beliefs. Eagle feathers symbolize the strength it took to reach a milestone, such as graduation, which is what Native American youth take with them as they graduate high school and continue on to the next stage in life.

    ** Please note that HCPS does not provide the eagle feather but rather the student and their families must follow the U.S. Fish and Wildlife regulations.