Meet Your School Social Worker

  • Who is the School Social Worker?

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    School Social Workers are available in the district’s public schools and special programs. Hillsborough County Public School social workers have a Master’s Degree in social work and may be licensed clinical social workers with other professional certifications. The School Social Work Department is staffed by 10-month employees.

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  • What are school social work services?

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    Social work services strive to enhance the school district’s mission by providing services which strengthen home, school, and community partnerships. Staff actively addresses barriers that interfere with student achievement by bringing people together while creating an environment that is conducive to effective problem solving and learning. The goal of each school social worker is to provide every student with the opportunity to develop to his or her maximum potential.

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  • What are services performed by the school social worker?

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    Services include the following:

    • Serves as the liaison between the school, family, and community agencies.
    • Provides outreach services to students, parents, and families.
    • Refers and helps families access community, medical, mental health, and social welfare services.
    • Coordinates services with other agencies to develop a comprehensive service delivery system.
    • Consults with the classroom teacher, administrators, and others to provide insight for students and understanding regarding a particular child’s (or group of children’s needs) behavior.
    • Completes a comprehensive, diagnostic assessment of the child’s social, emotional, and interpersonal relationships within the school, home and community.
    • Serves on the Problems Solving Leadership Team at each school to assist students experiencing attendance, academic, social, emotional, and/or health problems.
    • Participates in staffings with local school personnel parents, and appropriate community agency staff to provide coordinated evaluation and planning.
    • Advocates ensuring that the child and family’s rights are observed.
    • Provides and participates in training programs.
    • Encourages an understanding of, and sensitivity to, multicultural values and traditions.
    • Participates in professional social work organizations

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  • What are the special projects in which the school social workers are involved?

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    Special projects include the following:

    • Attendance Remediation Services
    • Multi-Tiered System Support (MTSS)/Response to Intervention (RTI)
    • Counseling Services
    • Crisis Intervention Team
    • Early Childhood Services
    • Full-Time School Social Work Services at Select School- Wide Project Sites
    • Bilingual Social Work Services
    • Services for Homeless Students and Families
    • Partnerships with Community Agencies
    • Liaison to Child Welfare Services Programs
    • Internship Programs for Social Work Students

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