• The District has promoted a formal program for energy and water conservation since SY94-95. At the onset of SY08-09, the district passed a policy of maintaining a 76 degree cooling set point throughout all facilities. Ensuring compliance and adherence to this policy was tasked to the energy conservation department, and more specifically the energy mentors. Achieving these behavior modifications remains a constant focus for the department.

    Two years ago, the district instituted a four-day (10 hour days) work week during summer months, with the effects being felt at the start and close of each year. This change helped to decrease runtimes of HVAC and lighting, thereby decreasing energy consumption and costs in July and August.

    The District continued to conserve resources and reduce related costs through several other programs including recycling, sewage treatment credits, bill reviews, rebates, technology upgrades, and system monitoring. All of these actions have been gradually applied in small steps in order to avoid the secondary negative effects related to indoor air quality and to ensure the comfort and safety of our students, faculty and staff.

    A key part of the District’s conservation program remains the provision of monetary incentive awards to schools meeting electric consumption targets.

    The Ryan Raines Annual Memorial Energy Conservation Award was created posthumously in honor of former Energy Mentor Ryan Raines. The award recognizes a school for demonstrating outstanding energy conservation. This year, Steinbrenner High was chosen by the Energy Conservation Department and awarded a plaque and $1,000 donation to the school. The Energy Conservation Department will continue with this award in the coming years.

    Overall, during SY10-11 the school sites saved approximately $728,118 in costs through their conservation efforts.