Recycling in Our Schools

  • Imagine the impact we can make if all the paper, plastic, metal, and other recyclable materials generated in our schools and workplaces were saved from the landfill and reused.

    Recycling is already a high priority for the Hillsborough County School District and there are many examples of our employees and students who are pitching in and doing their part right now. The School Board and Superintendent want to build upon these successes and ensure that the District is doing all it can to recycle the reusable waste products that we all generate. It will take leadership, cooperation, understanding, and resources from throughout our entire organization, as well as help from the community to accomplish this challenging goal, but we can do it if we create and implement the right plan.

    The Facilities and Procurement Divisions are working together to create a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the services needed to initiate an organized comprehensive recycling program that will be implemented throughout the entire Hillsborough County School District. Our goal is to select a successful qualified organization or possibly organizations by spring 2010.

    That may not be soon enough for many of you. In fact many schools are already taking advantage of a chance to not only recycle the waste paper they generate, but also make some money for themselves as well. Greenfiber is a local company that has established mixed paper recycling operations by providing bins and hauling away mixed paper at more than 100 schools at no expense to the schools or the School District. Approximately 480 tons of waste paper was recycled from January through September in 2009 and each school received an equal share of the $7,200 in revenue generated.Their efforts saved over 8,000 trees, avoided the use of over 1,500 cubic yards of landfill space, and provided enough insulation for 500 attics in a typical 2,000 square foot home. If you are interested in having Greenfiber include you in their recycling program, you can call either of the people below to get started.

    Margee Barlow-Plante
    Recycling Contact, Energy Conservation Department - HCPS
    (813) 635-1276

    Tammy English
    Recycling Coordinator for Greenfiber
    (813) 503-6401

    Green Fiber logo