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  • At Rodgers Middle Magnet School, we strive to create a space where students, teachers, parents, staff, and the community collaborate to continue "Rays-ing" the standard of excellence.  We are proud to be associated with the University of Cambridge and members of a community with over 10,000 schools in more than 160 countries.  Our partnership with Cambridge provides resources to continue to increase student achievement as we build on our long tradition of helping young people be successful.

    We have high expectations for citizenship in our school community, and we believe in a high level of engagement by all stakeholders to ensure our young people have the support they need to excel as learners while being exposed to curriculum designed to prepare them for the future.  This sort of collaboration has proven to make a difference in education for young people and we are dedicated to providing our students with the opportunity to reach their potential.

    Rodgers is a Cambridge International School.  This means, in addition to teaching the Florida Standards in each course, students at Rodgers are engaged in learning with strong emphasis on critical thinking, analysis, interpretation, writing and collaboration.
    How is Cambridge implemented at Rodgers Middle Magnet?
    The Cambridge Program at Rodgers Middle Magnet is a whole-school model, driven by the internationally respected Cambridge Philosophy. Rodgers is a Cambridge school and the Cambridge Learner Attributes are implemented campus-wide. The curriculum is written and administered by the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. All students will be challenged with rigorous courses, and will have the opportunity to choose classes based on their interests.
    Who needs to apply?
    All students living in the Rodgers Middle Magnet attendance area will be exposed to the world-renowned Cambridge International program. Students outside the Rodgers boundary can apply to attend through the School Choice application process at Applicants will be selected by lottery based on available space in the program.

    Which classes will have the Cambridge learning philosophy?
    The core classes (English-Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and World History) and the elective courses are infused with the Cambridge curriculum.

    What other programs will be offered at The Cambridge Program at Rodgers Middle Magnet?
    Aside from our whole-school model, 6th and 7th grade students who meet the criteria at Rodgers Middle Magnet for honors coursework will be included in our Cambridge Honors Institute. Students will not be able to apply; eligibility will be based on grades and achievement.

    Are there new clubs that will be available to students?
    Yes, students can join two new clubs including agriculture and business tech, starting in the fall of 2021. Our FIRST® LEGO® Robotics club, which was launched in the fall of 2019, helps students and teachers build a better future together. The club is built around theme-based challenges to engage students in research, problem solving, coding, and engineering.

    Exceptional electives and clubs already offered at Rodgers Middle Magnet:

    • Athletics
    • Science Fair
    • SLAM (Student Literacy and Media Celebration)
    • NJHS (National Junior Honor Society)
    • WOW (Social Studies)
    • Student Council
    • Math League
    • Geography Bee
    • Band
    • Chorus
    • Orchestra
    • Chess Club
    • Girls Who Code
    • Robotics


    How are students selected for The Cambridge Program at Rodgers Middle Magnet?
    Students in our attendance area are exposed to the Cambridge curriculum as a student at Rodgers.  Students from outside the Rodgers Middle Magnet attendance area can apply to The Cambridge Program at Rodgers Middle Magnet. Applicants will be selected by lottery based on available space.

    What is the application process for students from outside the Rodgers Middle Magnet attendance area?
    All students wishing to attend from outside the Rodgers Middle Magnet attendance area must complete a Choice application online through the Hillsborough County School website at

    After all applications are complete and school enrollment for The Cambridge Program at Rodgers Middle Magnet is finalized, administrators will schedule 6th and 7th grade students into the Cambridge Honors Institute.

    Is transportation provided?
    Bus transportation will only be available for students who live within the Rodgers Middle Magnet attendance area and are eligible for transportation under Florida law and school district policy.