• From Mr. Basham, Rodgers MMS Principal -

    1/15/2021 Rodgers Community - 

    There is no school on Monday, so Tuesday will be the first day of the 2nd semester. Please go to our website for important information. On the website you can find

    Bell Schedule
    Student Handbook
    Covid-19 Procedures
    Contact information for Counselors

    You will also find information about setting up your Canvas account if you have not done so already this year. This is VERY important as it is the main way you can track student progress, communicate with teachers and how you will see your students' grades. You can also find information about setting up your Canvas account on the school district website.

    When students report to school on Tuesday they will report to their Homeroom at the beginning of the day. If a student does not know their Homeroom they can ask one of our staff members who will be able to tell them where to go for Homeroom.

    We will hand out student schedules for 2nd semester in Homeroom on Tuesday. eLearners should check their Canvas page on Monday evening for the most up to date information. Many of our students will see a change in their schedule due to the number of young people returning to campus. This facilitated a change in teaching assignments for many of our staff members and consequently changes to student schedules.

    Please read and discuss the Covid-19 Procedures with your student(s) and read the Student Handbook. The policies and procedures in these two documents help us provide a safe, and positive learning environment for our students, but we need your help making sure students understand the importance of focusing on their learning while they are on campus.

    Have a great weekend! See you Tuesday.

    1/11/2021 Rodgers Community, Tuesday, January 19th is the first day of 2nd Semester.  Here are a few items to be aware of as we begin the new term:

    1.  Students will report to their Homeroom (HR) first on Tuesday where they will receive a new copy of their schedule.  Faculty and Staff will be available to assist students who do not know where their HR is located on campus.

    2.  We will be balancing classes as some of our eLearners return to campus this day.  Some current students will receive schedule changes in an effort to meet the State's Class Size Amendment.

    3.  Please review the Student Handbook prior to beginning 2nd Semester.  We will be holding Grade Level meetings with students to review policies and procedures.  It is important that everyone understand what is expected of members of the Rodgers Community.

    4.  Finally, please have conversations about the importance of students being focused on their learning while on campus.  Middle school establishes the foundation for the courses and State-mandated tests that students must pass when they are Freshmen and Sophmores in High School.  Students who do not learn these foundational concepts while at Rodgers not only run the risk of failing their classes here, but also having to take remedial classes once they do meet HS admission requirements.

    1/4/2021 Rodgers Community, I hope everyone enjoyed a chance to relax and spend some time with loved ones.  As we return to school, I want to direct your attention to some important information.

    1. Please continue to check our school website for important information and updates.  This should be your first stop to find answers to questions you might have or find the contact information for the membes of our staff who can assist you.

    2. E-learners returning to Brick & Mortar for 2nd semester return to campus on Tuesday, January 19.  (We have a week of exams to complete 1st semester.)

    3. Covid-19 Protocols can be found in our online Student Handbook and should be reviewed.  This is particularly important since we have had a spike in cases across the country during the last two weeks.

    • Masks are required while on campus, particularly indoors and while students are passing between classes.  Masks should cover the nose and mouth, and fit snugly.
    • Maintaining the appropriate physical distance is particularly important as we return to school after many individuals may have been exposed to family members or other people they do not see on a regular basis.
    • Remember to wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer often.

    Parents, Please spend some time talking with your students about the importance of maintaining a safe physical distance from their peers.  During the course of the first semester students have become increasingly more comfortable with being back at school.  This has coincided with them becoming less diligent about the physical distance they maintain.

    The Rodgers Community has been very forthright, conscientious, and has been choosing to err on the side of caution during the pandemic.  Many of you have contacted us to let us know your student was exposed to someone who tested positive for Covid-19 and chose to keep them home out of respect for others' families.  We appreciate you and will continue to work with you whenever students need to temporarily shift to e-Learning.

    Let's have a great 2021!

    Got Your Flu Shot Yet? - HCPS has teamed with the Florida Department of Health-Hillsborough to offer flu shots with NO out-of-pocket expenses for our students and families.  Pre-registered appointments ONLY.  See HCPS website for more information.

    Deputy's Pantry - Rodgers' Deputy Heaverin has established a food pantry to help our students and their families during these difficult times.  READ about the pantry in the Osprey Observer.  Would you like to contribute?  Click HERE for the complete Wish List.  Click HERE for Rodgers' Wish List on Amazon.

    Expectations for Student Behavior - Expectations are the same, whether student is in class on-site or in class on eLearning.  Students should be on time, focused and engaged in the class discussion, and complete assignments as requested.  Students may not distrupt or hinder the learning of their classmates during on-site class or Elearning.

    HCPS Hotline Support

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